***BURN BAN IN EFFECT FOR SEMINOLE COUNTY*** Per the Board of County Commissioners of Seminole County, Seminole County is under a Burn Ban for 14 days. Resolution #016-22-23 Declaring a Burn Ban for Seminole County can be seen under the Board of County Commissioners tab.

Seminole County Permit Information

Seminole County will issue residential and commercial building permits for your project needs. If you are beginning a new development or making additions to an existing project, you will need to have the proper documentation to make additions/new developments onto your property. The permit shall be valid for up to 180 days from the day you obtained your permit(s). When planning a project that involves multiple buildings, you will need a permit for each separate establishment. Projects that are remodels also require a new permit along with new construction and existing building applications. Phased projects must also be permitted separately.

To begin the process of applying for a permit(s), you will need the following information:

  • Completed permit forms for EACH building in the project (with applications being completely filled out).
  • Completed checklist for EACH building in the project (with checklist forms being completely filled out).
  • Two (2) paper sets of plans on file.
  • One (1) CD of the entire project plan, including specs if applicable.

Any building project plans submitted to Seminole County requires:

A detailed cover sheet with the names of the owner(s) and location(s) of the project, the scope of the work that will be completed, identify any specific chapters and/or sections related to the International Fire Code, level of alteration if it is a remodel per the IEBC, changes needed to the existing building for compliance of code, what year was the occupancy permitted if an addition or remodel, name and address of the designer (if required by Title 58 O.S.& 46.1 et al.), any alternatives that are selected and identify each alternative, and any directives that are applied (identify each directive applied).

  • Site map detailing.
  • Project Plans (also known as a Life Safety Sheet).
  • Safe rooms/Storm Shelters.
  • Other permits (fire sprinkler, alternative suppression, fire alarm, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, access control, smoke control).
  • Field Inspections

To submit building plans, they are required to have the following information:

  • Transmittal Forms
  • Code Sheets
  • Site Plan
  • Demolition Plans For Existing Buildings
  • Life Safety Plan
  • Building Layout
  • Building Elevation
  • Plans (Architect or Engineer)
  • Field Inspection-Rough In
  • Field Inspections-50% Life Safety
  • Final Inspections-Final

All forms have various permit fees associated with them, depending on the form and/or service provided.