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Seminole County Treasurer

Payment Schedule & Due Dates

The first half or full amount is due on or before December 31st second half is due on or before March 31st.

If the first half is not postmarked on or before December 31st, the full amount then becomes due beginning, January 1st, and half payment is no longer an option.

Failure of any taxpayer to receive such statement, shall not in any way extend the date by which such taxes shall be due and payable nor relieve the taxpayer of the duty and responsibility of paying same as provided by law.

Tax statement $25.00 or less must be paid in full.

Mortgage companies: full payment is due on or before December 31st.


Interest accrues at a rate of 1.5% each month on the 16th day of the month beginning January 1st. If the statement has bt(back tax) please call for correct amounts.

New ownership

If you are a new owner of the property, you should contact the county assessor's office at 405-257-3371, with the correct address to send the statement to before September 30th, as they will certify the taxes soon after that date.

Exemptions and Assessment Values

All exemptions and assessment values are taken care of in the county assessor's office.


Below is a list of fees that might be added to delinquent tax accounts.

Fee Description
$5.00 Lien Fee
$10.00- 25.00 publication fee current postage rate mail fee current postage certified mail fee
$35.00 return check fee/NSF
$10.00 treasurer's tax warrant fee
$50.00 Sheriff tax warrant fee & resale notification title search fee on resale real accounts
$5.00 special assessment fees


The county tax sale is held the second Monday in June each year in each county in the state of Oklahoma, where taxes are a lien upon real property and have been unpaid for a period of three years or more.

The County Treasurer

The Treasurer receives, manages, and invests all revenue received by and for County Government. These revenues include real estate taxes, business personal property taxes, public service taxes(utilities), fire district revenues, Oklahoma Tax Commission payments and various other sources of revenue. Our primary responsibility is to collect taxes certified by the County Assessor from the assessment valuations placed on real estate and personal property in the county.

The Treasurer mails tax statements, collects property taxes and apportions the taxes to the taxing jurisdictions. (school districts, cities, towns, the county, special districts, etc.) This money is apportioned and disbursed according to budgets approved by the County Excise Board.

The Treasurer manages the county's cash flow and is custodian for the bank accounts held by the county. In addition, the Treasurer registers all warrants and vouchers (a.k.a. checks) for the various county departments once the availability of funds has been verified.

All special assessments such as mowing, cleaning and nuisance abatement charges that are assessed by the cities and towns within the county are certified to the Treasurer. They are to be placed as a lien on the property and collected in the same manner as taxes. Once collected, the money is remitted to the city or town holding the lien.

The Treasurer also manages the liquidation of county owned properties and conducts annual tax sales of delinquent properties.

Lisa Turpin
Lisa Turpin

P.O. Box 1340
Wewoka, OK 74884

Hours 8:00am to 4:00pm
Phone 405-257-6262

Helpful Links and Resources

Visit the County Treasurer website for further information including tax payments, documents, reports, information about the current County Treasurer, and more.

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